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Ban Tobacco Products Kerala C M’s Initiative: A Yahoo News and My Feedback


(A Yahoo News and my Response)

Chandy urges PM to ban tobacco products
Thiruvananthapuram, June 23 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy Thursday wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging a total ban on all tobacco products.
'The use of cigarettes and beedis and other forms of tobacco have been identified as the main cause of cancer and also it is high time that the young student generation be weaned away from using this harmful product and the only way to save the young minds is through a total ban on all tobacco products,' wrote Chandy.
He also noted that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has asked for a total ban on all forms of advertisements of tobacco products.
'Passive smoking has also become a problem these days even as there is a ban on smoking in public places. Tobacco products have become the biggest social evil, especially for the younger generation, and hence the need of the hour is a total ban on all forms of tobacco products,' said Chandy. YAHOO

My Response:

A good initiative by the Kerala C M, Keep it up Chandy, Yes, the young generation is our back born let us catch and teach them at young. This type of initiatives added with more counseling in the issue can make wonders among the young India. Let the center and the leaders their including the opposition should make pressure to the government to get a bill passed in the parliament in this effect, and of course the back door dhanda (business) too should be stopped and the culprits should be severely punished, such stringent laws also should be passed in the parliament. It is good that if his other counterparts too make note of this and go forward to support this cause immediately, instead of spending time in mudslinging in dirty politics why don’t they think of the welfare of the people. We made our nethas with that great hope and that purpose, at least now they do some good to the people especially the downtrodden, instead of going on helping the haves why can’t they now start helping the have-nots at least in their health issues. Keep it up Chandy and group, May his tribe increase. We wish all good in this initiative, the good cause.

To read my comment and more Feedback Please Click Here

Passive Smokers Be Alert. It is more dangerous than the real smoking.
Let us make an effort to pressure the Government to pass a Bill to ban tobacco products.



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Great Alert About the Present Situation of The Greatest Democratic Nation (India) In The World


This is an intimation received from one of my friends and is an important information to all Indian citizens.   All need to be aware about the present situation we are in and the people (the so called leaders and their allies of this country) who are behind this should be answerable to the millions of people of this largest democracy in the world.

Here is the note from the one who developed and posted this valuable information to the general public.

Thank you Capt. Alwyn Menezes, and Ronald D'Silva

—  p v a

Dear friends,

We all need to be aware of this to feel and act responsibly in economic matters where ever we can

Capt Alwyn Menezes(Retd)

Capt Alwyn Menezes(Retd) &
Ronald D'Silva.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pakistan: The real rogue nation: An Editorial and a Feedback (Pakistan Exposed)

 And why India should not trust America at all, 
by Arindam Chaudhuri

Lest we forget, not very long back, Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan told in an interview to CNN, “I think now, frankly, he [Osama bin Laden] is dead for the reason he is a kidney patient. I don’t know if he has been getting all that treatment in Afghanistan now. And the photographs that have been shown of him on television show him extremely weak. I would give the first priority that he is dead and the second priority that he is alive somewhere in Afghanistan.”

Cut to 2011, Osama bin Laden was hunted, and killed, not in any remote hideout in any tribal area of Pakistan but in Abbottabad, which is just a few kilometres away from the Pakistan Military Academy and merely 60 miles from Islamabad. So much so, the entire region is known to be a hotspot and boiling epicentre of terrorists, particularly al-Qaeda. This March, an Indonesian terrorist, Umar Patek, having links with al-Qaeda, was captured from this region. He was the one behind the Bali bombings and was an important agent of Jemaah Islamiya Tahir Shehzad (an al-Qaeda facilitator) who was also spotted in the same region.

Prof. Chaudhuri
The series of incidences and the proximity to Islamabad and Pakistan Military Academy suggest nothing else but how the Pakistan government always knew about the whereabouts of Osama and also provided him a safe haven. Otherwise, how else could have Osama stayed safely right under their nose? In spite of his members being found and killed, he never got spotted. It is normal military and anti-terror routine to sanitize the vicinity of such strategically sensitive locations and check for other such terror elements, even after a single capture. Moreover, the military academy near Osama’s hideout was visited just a month back by the Pakistani military chief General Asfaq Parvez Kayani. All these clearly indicate the fact that the Pakistani government always knew about Osama, and similarly they know about all such other such extremist leaders and groups, about whom they habitually and perpetually feign ignorance.                Click Here To Read  The Full Text

My Response/Feedback to the story.

Picture Credit TSI
Pakistan exposed

Your edit “Pakistan: The real rogue nation”  (TSI, May 9-15), made a good read. Also, it busted many myths people had about Pakistan. The truth is out that for so long General Pervez Musharraf misled the world by claiming that he was not hiding in Pakistan and that the fugitive was dead. It was all propaganda. However, the way Osama was killed raises many questions: Was it an election plank by the US President Obama and his team? After the death of Osama, one man who is going to benefit the most from it is Obama. His popularity has improved. Chances are that most of the Americans who were opposed to him for his failure to rev up the economy, are going to vote him back into power when election is held. The other issue is why was Osama killed when he was unarmed? Why didn't the special US force arrest him? Besides, they even didn't show the world Osama dead body. Something appears to be fishy. Looking at the track record of America, nothing can be said for sure about what really happened.
P V Ariel
To read more response from this issue click HERE


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Netas or Rowdies: A feedback to an Editorial...


An Editorial And A Response                                                      

Editorial by Arindam Chaudhuri: 

Our Parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilized manner by passing a law, as is the practice in most developed nations Our Parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilized manner by passing a law, as is the practice in most developed nations

Our live Parliament sessions can make a Hollywood sci-fi director feel ill at ease. One can find virtually everything flying in our Parliament – ranging from bottles to microphones to footwear... and perhaps human beings too in the near future! A glance through Lok Sabha TV or even YouTube footage of our Parliament sessions would be enough to provide evidence of the extent of lack of basic culture and education that our honorable members of Parliaments possess. What comes as an utter shame and embarrassment, especially for the electorate, is the manner in which their elected leaders represent their cause! Starting from holding footwear in their hands, to throwing abusive words, and resorting to physical violence, this is how Parliamentarians resolve their concerns in the temples of the world’s largest democracy!  Read more Here

                      My Response Published in the current issue of "The Sunday Indian"         

Netas or rowdies
Apropos the editorial "Our parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilised manner..." you brought out a serious issue (TSI, April 4-10). The non-parliamentarian behaviour of our MPs and MLAs have forced us to compare them with local goons or rowdies. These public representatives are supposed to set a nice example for their followers but always shame the country through their actions. We need to introduce a stringent law to take serious action against such parliamentarians, as proposed in the editorial. If countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Latin America, Ireland and Britain can have such stringent rules why can’t we follow it here? We Indians have a tendency to adopt everything from West. Then why we hesitate in taking something good from them? Whatever may be the case, we must think on this line very seriously, otherwise whatever little prestige is left in our parliamentarians will soon fade away with time. 
P V Ariel  Secunderabad
More feedback from readers can be read from the following links in English and 14 other Indian languages.

For  English Please click Here:
For Malayalam Feedback click Here:

                                        Prof. Arindam on Anna Hazare Watch this video

Watch This Video:India Against Corruption.


Watch This Interesting Video on Corruption. (A Present Picture of Corruption in India)
Corruption Weds Blackmoney - a short film [HQ]


Visit this Page



Source: The Sunday Indian News Weekly

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I Was Awarded The Versatile Blogger Award!


I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs, E of for conferring  this prestigious award to me.

Let me note here few of the rules to obtain this award:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself
  • Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award

Hmm… As per the rules here comes my Seven things about myself.

1.  I am a freelance writer born and brought in Kerala a Southern State in India,   
     Presently   settled at Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh, yet another southern state in 

2.  I love my family and two children.

3.  I love my job mainly because it’s mainly connected with my favorite interest, writing.

4.  I like to share my knowledge with others, whatever I know and learned I would like 
     to share with my fellow beings, though sometimes it return back to me as a big blow 
     still I continue to do that, somehow that is my passion.

5.  I hate people who talk inside a library.

6.  I love to hear from my friends and my readers a word of appreciation and I always
     make it a point to reciprocate.

7. Above all the most loving thing I wants to do in my life is to converse with my Savior
    and Lord Jesus Christ thru prayer and the meditation of His Word The Bible.

Thanks for listening me.

Best Regards



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Friday, April 8, 2011

Gandhiji called Sex a serpent, a poisonous scorpion: The Truth about his Sexperiments. Yet Another Controversy


Gandhiji Father of our nation is always be a controversial person in politics as well in his social and individual life.  Many such controversies are erupted every now and then.  Even after many years of his death its still continuing.  Poor Gandhi even in his grave people are not ready to leave him alone such is the passion for more money and more money  Yes, for the people who wanted to mint money in his name are always there and for such people he will be a center of subject.  Read one such story in line at the given below links.

The author Ronojoy Sen says and I quote: 
"Mahatma Gandhi called sex a serpent, a poisonous scorpion that was determined to bite him. He fought it all his life. His strange experiments with celibacy scandalised his ashram."

Throughout his life, Gandhi had sex on his mind. As a young man, he could not have enough of it and later, he went to great lengths to test his abstinence vows. And, he was candid about his peculiarities.

Mahatma Gandhi is a biographer's delight. Not only does his collected works run to nearly a hundred volumes, unlike many public figures, he is also explicit about personal physical details - even to the extent of dwelling on his bowel movements. That is perhaps why, even after so much has been written on him, new biographies continue to ferret out something that may have either gone unnoticed or at least slipped under the radar. This is particularly true of Gandhi's sexuality, which has been the subject of considerable controversy, a surefire way to ramp up book sales and, unfortunately, a provocation to the Indian state to ban any mention of it. Read More Here
 Also please read my comment (A Good Piece. Unfortunately many in our country are trying to cash in on Gandhi and his experiment with Sex,in a diverted format to mint money. Even some of his own family members are not an exemption to this. I am talking about his own grand son who published a controversial book on Gandhi.Poor Gandhi.) and more reactions of readers at TimesCrest

Read yet another Must read on Book Banning and the controversy erupting on Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Joseph Lelyveld's book 'Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India'.(Yet to be released in India) Read More Here Q Robin David's Article @ Times of India Blog.

To read more about this book and how to purchase this book and to read a review (In this ambitious, original study, Pulitzer Prize-winner Lelyveld sets out to measure Gandhi's accomplishments as a politician and an advocate for the downtrodden--against Gandhi's own expectations and in light of his complex, conflicted feelings about his place in Indian history.....)  pl click Here
Times Crest Author-Ronojoy Sen
Picture Credit: Times Crest/Times of India, Mumbai

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Slumdog Millionaire" Some Reactions from the Press in India and My Feedback


A Response to the Reactions of the Press in India

A Response to the Reactions of the Press in India on the much acclaimed film Slumdog Millionaire and my response to it.

Slumdog Millionaire, A Poster
Credit: Fanatico
© Fanatico

A Scene from the Picture

Slumdog Millionaire Team at the Oscars
Credit: Network
© Network
Much has been said and written on the film 'Slumdog Millionaire". But, there are some ill-conceived opinion raised against this, much-appreciated film. One thing is sure that we accrued a wonderful position in the international film world.
In this write-up I would like to bring out some of the opinions aired by some intellects in the Indian press and my feedback to them. 

The Times of India, The largest circulated English daily in India and abroad in their editorial on Feb 24th under the title "So, Take That" wrote "let's put our hands together for the movie's astounding Oscar success, and let's not quibble over the issue of whether it's Indian, British or international". (Times of India editorial) Read full editorial visit this link: That was a fitting tribute to the Slumdog Millionaire crew.

But unfortunately few in the media had pessimistic feelings towards the film; Times of India's opinion stood apart. No doubt, it was in an entirely different taste and was really a fitting accolade to the entire team. I believe that, it was a great tribute in itself. They said it all in the intro, "let's put our hands together for the movie's astounding Oscar success, and let's not quibble over the issue of whether it's Indian, British or international".

Yes, Our artists, the entire team, especially A R Rehman, Gulzar, Resul Pookutty are to be appreciated for their contribution for the success of this film. Unfortunately many, especially in the film and literature world could not digest the success of this film.

Here is a local daily's nauseating Headline on the subject-the day after the award function. It is very sad to say that this local newspaper in Secunderabad (My city) captioned their main news's headline as; "Rehman is top dog". This title was shocking to the people in twin city of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Many raised their voice against their decision to tarnish the image of the artist. The next day's edition there appeared an apology letter from the editor on the front page of the paper. This type of ill-conceived mentality is not at all good for Indian journalist and journalism.

On the other side, The Sunday Indian Weekly (The only News Weekly on earth in 14 languages) to read more about this weekly visit this link: ) in its cover story titled ("Why We Must Condemn SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Because The Movie...
C). DISTORTS REALITY D). ALL OF THE ABOVE") and the editorial titled "Don't see "Slumdog Millionaire". It Sucks!" A Phony poseur that has been made only to mock India for the viewing pleasure of the first world!! (TSI 8th Feb.2009). Its Chief Editor Prof. Arindam Choudhury wrote and here are some highlights: "The real slumdog in the movie is not the main protagonist but India as a whole". "It shows everything negative about India, excepting Western paedophiles roaming here" Read more on this link: or

I posted the following letter in response to the TSI's editorial and other stories and it appeared as the first letter (in print edition) under the caption:
Sir, "Your cover story, Editorial and Musings (TSI Feb 2-8) made a sickening reading. Along with the universal truth of "Sex sells," "poverty sells" too occupied a prominent place. As the 'Musings' columnist pointed out, most of the best selling and award winning novels and literary pieces, created by Indian writers living abroad, portrayed India's poverty in a bad shape and procured accolades and dollars, and the same has been repeated in "Slumdog Millionaire". We can't blame one Danny Boyle for this; we ourselves are to be blamed. As Prasoon Majumdar said, "we do not have a proper platform to portray the real emerging shining India in our nation." In such a situation, a writer or a film producer definitely looks at where it's available and insult India, denigrate religion, distorts reality and portray it for their profits. This is nothing but a business tactic; being done by our people. Who is to be blamed for this lack, remains a big question".
To read more visit this link: click to DEAR EDITOR button.

Yet another interesting opinion aired by the Booker prizewinner Indian born writer Salman Rushdie. He calls "Slumdog millionaire unrealistic" (A news report in Times of India). It is very interesting to hear this statement from a reputed writer like Salman. No film producers, except the documentary producers cannot claim their depictions are real. Even Salman's own products (including the price winning ones) are not realistic. Films and fictions can never be realistic instead; it will be a mixture of both.

Mr. Vinod Mehta the Chief Editor of Outlook Weekly (Yet another largest circulated English weekly in India and abroad) wrote:
"At the risk of sounding like a party-pooper, may I inject a note of realism into the wild celebrations accompanying Slumdog Millionaire's victory at the Oscars? I yield to no one in my admiration for the film, its cast, its audacity, its screenplay, its sympathetic portrayal of the lovely kids of Dharavi. In the early '70s, the late Louis Malle made a documentary for the BBC called Phantom India. The documentary won numerous awards but was banned by the government because it told the truth, i.e. showed how desperately poor and wretched and unequal the country was. Before that and since, the middle class has been extraordinarily sensitive to Indian poverty being showcased to "foreigners" for awards." Recall Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali, down to Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger... at the concluding line he wrote:
"I too celebrate the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Pity about the slums". Read more on this link: under the caption "OPINION. A Slum Is A Slum"

Most of the critics' main blame against this much-accoladed film is that, they projected Indian poverty and amassed awards and wealth. This is not a new trend in India. As Mr. Vinod Mehta said, "Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali, down to Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger..." The Indian film producers, the media and the Indian abroad authors through their films, resources and literatures projected India's poverty and earned money and accolades. This is a trend since India's independence. India's poverty projection is not new to the Indian film producers or writers and then how can we blame one Danny Boyle for this?

The film's Director Danny Boyle and the Co-Director Loveleen Tandon bagged 8 Oscar awards in different categories and occupied the fourth place in most Oscar winning film. This film also bagged many other most prestigious awards like Golden Globe award (presumed to be a mini Oscar award), The London Critics Film Award (the award for British Film of the Year 2009) are some of the few among them.

One cannot understand why the so-called intellectuals and celebrities make a big outcry after a much acclaimed and superb masterpiece, which could win laurels in the international film world for India.

My heartfelt Congrats to the Director Donny Boyle, co-director Loveleen Tandan, A R Rehman, Resul Pookutty, Gulzar and the entire team of "Slumdog Millianaire" END


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