Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pakistan: The real rogue nation: An Editorial and a Feedback (Pakistan Exposed)

 And why India should not trust America at all, 
by Arindam Chaudhuri

Lest we forget, not very long back, Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan told in an interview to CNN, “I think now, frankly, he [Osama bin Laden] is dead for the reason he is a kidney patient. I don’t know if he has been getting all that treatment in Afghanistan now. And the photographs that have been shown of him on television show him extremely weak. I would give the first priority that he is dead and the second priority that he is alive somewhere in Afghanistan.”

Cut to 2011, Osama bin Laden was hunted, and killed, not in any remote hideout in any tribal area of Pakistan but in Abbottabad, which is just a few kilometres away from the Pakistan Military Academy and merely 60 miles from Islamabad. So much so, the entire region is known to be a hotspot and boiling epicentre of terrorists, particularly al-Qaeda. This March, an Indonesian terrorist, Umar Patek, having links with al-Qaeda, was captured from this region. He was the one behind the Bali bombings and was an important agent of Jemaah Islamiya Tahir Shehzad (an al-Qaeda facilitator) who was also spotted in the same region.

Prof. Chaudhuri
The series of incidences and the proximity to Islamabad and Pakistan Military Academy suggest nothing else but how the Pakistan government always knew about the whereabouts of Osama and also provided him a safe haven. Otherwise, how else could have Osama stayed safely right under their nose? In spite of his members being found and killed, he never got spotted. It is normal military and anti-terror routine to sanitize the vicinity of such strategically sensitive locations and check for other such terror elements, even after a single capture. Moreover, the military academy near Osama’s hideout was visited just a month back by the Pakistani military chief General Asfaq Parvez Kayani. All these clearly indicate the fact that the Pakistani government always knew about Osama, and similarly they know about all such other such extremist leaders and groups, about whom they habitually and perpetually feign ignorance.                Click Here To Read  The Full Text

My Response/Feedback to the story.

Picture Credit TSI
Pakistan exposed

Your edit “Pakistan: The real rogue nation”  (TSI, May 9-15), made a good read. Also, it busted many myths people had about Pakistan. The truth is out that for so long General Pervez Musharraf misled the world by claiming that he was not hiding in Pakistan and that the fugitive was dead. It was all propaganda. However, the way Osama was killed raises many questions: Was it an election plank by the US President Obama and his team? After the death of Osama, one man who is going to benefit the most from it is Obama. His popularity has improved. Chances are that most of the Americans who were opposed to him for his failure to rev up the economy, are going to vote him back into power when election is held. The other issue is why was Osama killed when he was unarmed? Why didn't the special US force arrest him? Besides, they even didn't show the world Osama dead body. Something appears to be fishy. Looking at the track record of America, nothing can be said for sure about what really happened.
P V Ariel
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