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Netas or Rowdies: A feedback to an Editorial...


An Editorial And A Response                                                      

Editorial by Arindam Chaudhuri: 

Our Parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilized manner by passing a law, as is the practice in most developed nations Our Parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilized manner by passing a law, as is the practice in most developed nations

Our live Parliament sessions can make a Hollywood sci-fi director feel ill at ease. One can find virtually everything flying in our Parliament – ranging from bottles to microphones to footwear... and perhaps human beings too in the near future! A glance through Lok Sabha TV or even YouTube footage of our Parliament sessions would be enough to provide evidence of the extent of lack of basic culture and education that our honorable members of Parliaments possess. What comes as an utter shame and embarrassment, especially for the electorate, is the manner in which their elected leaders represent their cause! Starting from holding footwear in their hands, to throwing abusive words, and resorting to physical violence, this is how Parliamentarians resolve their concerns in the temples of the world’s largest democracy!  Read more Here

                      My Response Published in the current issue of "The Sunday Indian"         

Netas or rowdies
Apropos the editorial "Our parliamentarians must be made to behave in a civilised manner..." you brought out a serious issue (TSI, April 4-10). The non-parliamentarian behaviour of our MPs and MLAs have forced us to compare them with local goons or rowdies. These public representatives are supposed to set a nice example for their followers but always shame the country through their actions. We need to introduce a stringent law to take serious action against such parliamentarians, as proposed in the editorial. If countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Latin America, Ireland and Britain can have such stringent rules why can’t we follow it here? We Indians have a tendency to adopt everything from West. Then why we hesitate in taking something good from them? Whatever may be the case, we must think on this line very seriously, otherwise whatever little prestige is left in our parliamentarians will soon fade away with time. 
P V Ariel  Secunderabad
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Source: The Sunday Indian News Weekly

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