Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Was Awarded The Versatile Blogger Award!


I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs, E of for conferring  this prestigious award to me.

Let me note here few of the rules to obtain this award:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself
  • Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award

Hmm… As per the rules here comes my Seven things about myself.

1.  I am a freelance writer born and brought in Kerala a Southern State in India,   
     Presently   settled at Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh, yet another southern state in 

2.  I love my family and two children.

3.  I love my job mainly because it’s mainly connected with my favorite interest, writing.

4.  I like to share my knowledge with others, whatever I know and learned I would like 
     to share with my fellow beings, though sometimes it return back to me as a big blow 
     still I continue to do that, somehow that is my passion.

5.  I hate people who talk inside a library.

6.  I love to hear from my friends and my readers a word of appreciation and I always
     make it a point to reciprocate.

7. Above all the most loving thing I wants to do in my life is to converse with my Savior
    and Lord Jesus Christ thru prayer and the meditation of His Word The Bible.

Thanks for listening me.

Best Regards



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  1. You did it right. Thanks for stopping by. My name is different from my email because I remarried & never changed my email. Thank you for all the lovely comments :)

  2. Thank you Philip for the award. It is long overdue, but I have been so busy and (unfortunately), I don't update my blog very often. However, you and some recent visitors have encouraged me to post once again and for that I thank you also.