Friday, April 8, 2011

Gandhiji called Sex a serpent, a poisonous scorpion: The Truth about his Sexperiments. Yet Another Controversy


Gandhiji Father of our nation is always be a controversial person in politics as well in his social and individual life.  Many such controversies are erupted every now and then.  Even after many years of his death its still continuing.  Poor Gandhi even in his grave people are not ready to leave him alone such is the passion for more money and more money  Yes, for the people who wanted to mint money in his name are always there and for such people he will be a center of subject.  Read one such story in line at the given below links.

The author Ronojoy Sen says and I quote: 
"Mahatma Gandhi called sex a serpent, a poisonous scorpion that was determined to bite him. He fought it all his life. His strange experiments with celibacy scandalised his ashram."

Throughout his life, Gandhi had sex on his mind. As a young man, he could not have enough of it and later, he went to great lengths to test his abstinence vows. And, he was candid about his peculiarities.

Mahatma Gandhi is a biographer's delight. Not only does his collected works run to nearly a hundred volumes, unlike many public figures, he is also explicit about personal physical details - even to the extent of dwelling on his bowel movements. That is perhaps why, even after so much has been written on him, new biographies continue to ferret out something that may have either gone unnoticed or at least slipped under the radar. This is particularly true of Gandhi's sexuality, which has been the subject of considerable controversy, a surefire way to ramp up book sales and, unfortunately, a provocation to the Indian state to ban any mention of it. Read More Here
 Also please read my comment (A Good Piece. Unfortunately many in our country are trying to cash in on Gandhi and his experiment with Sex,in a diverted format to mint money. Even some of his own family members are not an exemption to this. I am talking about his own grand son who published a controversial book on Gandhi.Poor Gandhi.) and more reactions of readers at TimesCrest

Read yet another Must read on Book Banning and the controversy erupting on Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Joseph Lelyveld's book 'Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India'.(Yet to be released in India) Read More Here Q Robin David's Article @ Times of India Blog.

To read more about this book and how to purchase this book and to read a review (In this ambitious, original study, Pulitzer Prize-winner Lelyveld sets out to measure Gandhi's accomplishments as a politician and an advocate for the downtrodden--against Gandhi's own expectations and in light of his complex, conflicted feelings about his place in Indian history.....)  pl click Here
Times Crest Author-Ronojoy Sen
Picture Credit: Times Crest/Times of India, Mumbai

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