Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Great Alert About the Present Situation of The Greatest Democratic Nation (India) In The World


This is an intimation received from one of my friends and is an important information to all Indian citizens.   All need to be aware about the present situation we are in and the people (the so called leaders and their allies of this country) who are behind this should be answerable to the millions of people of this largest democracy in the world.

Here is the note from the one who developed and posted this valuable information to the general public.

Thank you Capt. Alwyn Menezes, and Ronald D'Silva

—  p v a

Dear friends,

We all need to be aware of this to feel and act responsibly in economic matters where ever we can

Capt Alwyn Menezes(Retd)

Capt Alwyn Menezes(Retd) &
Ronald D'Silva.


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