Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Julian Assange is TSI’s man of the year! A Feed back to the Editorial


I am sure you all must be wondering what’s new or great about this – the entire world already is talking about it! Well, I promise I won’t write about Assange at all. Yet, I hope by the end of this article, you will realize what’s the big deal about this heading. After the overwhelming response to my previous to last editorial on media and lobbying, and combining it with my previous edit on democracy, I thought I should further my views – this time on media and democracy put together. When I had written elaborately on lobbying in my above mentioned editorial, I had only touched upon the perspective of the extent to which nations go to maintain their image. I had taken examples of how the History Channel, akin to slavish propagators of the capitalist dictate, distorted and promoted the image of the biggest global revolutionary icon, Che Guevara, as a global terrorist. I had also quoted how Michael Moore’s film Sicko was edited by an American channel and given a conclusion other than the one he had originally made (Moore had concluded that the Cuban health system was the best, while the channel in question – after doing a series on it without knowing the ending, and subsequently realising that the conclusion could be bad for America’s PR – changed the ending with a voiceover saying that the Canadian health system was the best). So, in any case, when the truth is not being crushed by the American government like in the case of Julian Assange, it is crushed by the media themselves. The problem is as much the media as the government.Read More Here


It’s really unfortunate to note that you have selected a person who stand in front for cheating and wickedness, Whatever reason to compromise/support Assanage’s action, its very unfortunate that you selected such a person as your Person of the Year, As someone said “wiki leak is a wicked leak,” yes I fully agree with that statement.

No, doubt the print media is the most benefited one because of this leaking process LOL people like you should appreciate wiki’s wicked deeds, since the print media benefited much out of it. Everyday they (Print/Visual media) create a kind of sensational news with different political and social individuals as well as nations and its rulers and leaders.

I had a high esteem to you and your publications but by this all fell apart, Sorry for saying this, investigative journalism is good to discover the truth, but that should not be with a cheating mind. You and your paper did many such wonderful stories systematically and truthfully, I appreciate you for that, but such actions should not be with cheap mentality, Of course freedom of press/media cannot be misused for personal gain or to black mail people.

But here wiki leak created utter chaos and it created a kind of hatredness among people and nations. And you supported such a personality to create tension and chaos among people. This is not expected of such a reputed publication like yours, For this the reason you mentioned is not reasonable at all.
Sorry to say this
With kind regards
P V Ariel

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