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Ariel's Current Affairs: Some of my Write-up Published and unpublished Part III

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Some of my write-ups posted to different newspapers and weeklies (published and unpublished) Some could fetch some cash prizes...


Our country, our concern...

Your special issue on Governance brought out a clear picture of the India’s democratic system. Even though our judiciary in the recent past has made some landmark judgments, it is still rolling under the red tape. We need to speed up the judicial process, especially for the downtrodden. Dr. Malay Cha1udhuri rightly points out in his column, “Fill up all the vacancies, reduce the backlog and finalise pending cases against the innumerable under trails languishing in jails for years.” Let the authorities know about these issues.
11 Feb 2007
Lost at home
This is with reference to the cover story Shame in Singur. If Tata wants to open a car shop in Kolkata, why does he need a middleman? Why can’t he approach the landowners’ directly? Let the Tatas deal with them directly and pay the suitable price for it. The Mamatas and Buddhas have made the matter worse. The Tatas’ prestigious achievement of acquiring the Corus has become the biggest for an Indian company, positioning it at the fifth place amongst the world’s top steel manufacturers. Every Indian is proud of it indeed. At the same time, the present generation of Tatas should not forget their forefathers’ legacy. Do they really need fertile and prime land for opening of a car manufacturing unit? Let the present Tata make note of the precious words of its founder, “To lead people you have to lead them with affection.”

 Our Parliament

Apropos the editorial “Who said there are no free lunches; our parliament is living example of it!” ( TSI Aug 12, 2007) It is really shocking to know the negligence of our parliamentarians. What a shame to know that many of the MPs are least bothered even to attend the sessions regularly. What is the solution to this enormous wastage of money and manpower? Or who will bell the cat to curtail this huge wastage and divert that money for the development programs of the country. Few Arindam Chaudhuris can raise these shocking points. In such situation only a massive educational drive can bring some awareness among the people of India. Media like The Sunday Indian can play an active role in that.
(Note: This write up fetched me the cash prize of Rs. 3000 for the best letter of the week)
26 August 2007

Lack of responsibilty

The special report ‘Sleeping at Home’ (TSI, September 17, 2007) made a serious reading. It’s ironic to see the contrary statements made by our political leaders when tragedy strikes. Union Home Minster’s statement, “... you see, India is a big country” in itself is a classic example of this. We, the common people, are caught between such statements. Is it that our intelligent system is so poor in action or is it the fear factor gripping our leaders’ minds? Whatever it may be, it is now high time that India finds a solid solution to crack the terror wing to strike yet another one to save the innocent victims.
(Note: This write up fetched me the cash prize of Rs. 3000 for the best letter of the week)
30 Sept 2007

Faith shall prevail

This is with reference to Shall the meek inherit the earth? which made for a revealing read. I refute the statement made by R.L. Francis. He said, “Sixty years ago, we converted from Hinduism and took refuge in Christ and Christianity in the hope of a secure and a caste discrimination-free existence. But it wasn’t quite the salvation that was promised.” I was wondering who promised him salvation? Jesus Christ or the Church? If a person changes his religion with expectations of material benefits, no doubt his conversion is not genuine. Christ never promised his followers a bed of roses; instead he insisted that it is full of hardships and sufferings. This spirit shows the colour of a genuine Christian. Christ himself suffered a lot, all the while he was on earth. Epistle of Peter (1 Peter 2:21-25) says, “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps, who committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in His mouth.” Only a real convert can take this cross. Vatican’s dealing with churches all over the world is an administrative set-up for smooth functioning. Nobody should question this, as it’s their internal matter and if anybody has a problem, they can willingly leave the system. No one can deny the Pope and the community’s service to the society. However, at the same time, Pope’s remarkes on other religions are also not tolerable.
Cover Page of Feb 2-8 Issue of TSI

Poverty sells too

Your Cover Story, Editorial and Musings (TSI, Feb 2-8) made a sickening reading. Along with the universal truth of “sex sells,” “poverty sells” too occupied a prominent place. As the Musings columnist pointed out, most of the best-selling and award-winning novels and literary pieces, created by Indian writers living abroad, portrayed India’s poverty in a bad shape and procured accolades and dollars; and the same has been repeated in “Slumdog Millionaire”. We can’t blame Danny Boyle for this; we ourselves are to be blamed. As Prasoon said, "we do not have a proper platform to portray the real emerging shining India in our nation," in such a situation a writer or a film producer definitely looks at where it’s available and insult India, denigrate religion, distorts reality and portray it for their profits. This is nothing but a business tactic; being done by our people. Who is to be blamed for this lack, remains a big question.

A reminder to Obama

Apropos the editorial, “Mr Obama I appreciate you……” (TSI, April 27-May3), was a good reminder to the President of America to rethink about his present going. The editorial is an eye-opener for Obama and his administrative wing. They should reconsider some of the serious issues for the betterment of their own citizens, especially the decision on the issue of outsourcing to India and other countries. As the editorial pointed out, outsourcing to other countries will be more beneficial to them than other countries. The present economic crisis, in a way, is a blessing in disguise for Asian countries. Obama and his team should realise this fact and act accordingly. Otherwise it will lead the country from bad to worse. It is high time that America should recognise the dominant role India and China can play in the global market. I appreciate Arindam Chaudhuri for telling these facts through his editorials time and again. I think TSI should post some copies of this issue to the White House and a special pack addressed to Obama.
10 May 2009

A helpful guidebook

Mamata Banerjee
As you said at the begining of your editorial "Why the communists lost Bengal and how Mamata Banerjee can easily ruin her big opportunity to destroy the CPM even now!" (TSI, June 15-21) the Left itself is responsible for its fall in West Bengal. It is the same story in Kerala. There the splinter group and the infighting among the cadres ensured their defeat. This clearly shows how naive the communists are. The Indian voter is rightly celebrated for his wisdom. He has shown time and again that no political party can take him for granted. This is a good lesson not only for the CPM, but all political parties. Your editorial is an excellent guide book that Mamata will surely enjoy going through. The communists should also read it if they want to do better next time.
5 July 09

India shining

This refers to your special investigation “100-day challenge” (TSI, June 15-21). I am well impressed by the new Congress-led-UPA government. This time Sonia Gandhi and our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seem serious in implementing welfare schemes. Talented and young politicians have been inducted in the Cabinet so that they can carry out reforms in their resptive ministries. Ministers have been told to take their jobs seriously or perish. And Arindam has also pointed out these facts in his riveting editorial, “From the success...,” India is growing economically and the Indians are envied by recession-struck developed world! This is indeed a great success.
12 July 2009

Curtail the lavish expenditure...

The editorial, “The current austerity drive is commendable, but to create the real impact, the axe has to fall on the other wasteful expenditures!” is an eye opener and a timely one. Though a bit belated one the finance ministries austerity drive is a welcome step. But the reaction of Pawar is very unfortunate. The people who send him to the top post become a problem for him now. He must realise that it’s only because of the common man’s mercy he has been enjoying all these first class facilities. Now they are become an intrusion for him. He should make note that he need to go to the same people with folded hands before the next election. It’s really surprising to note that 75% of the ministerial expenses alone is spend on their luxurious travel. This is very shocking and should cut drastically; it seems the new steps will do some great change in the economy of the country. As pointed out in the editorial the same rule should be implemented in other areas too, so that such colossal wastage of money can be curtailed. It is high time that our rulers should pick up more lessons from their western counterparts.
4 Oct 2009

Let's (not) live forever!

Apropos your cover story and editorial regarding the desire to live forever (TSI, Oct19-25) made an enthusiastic read. But, we don’t want to live forever. That desire itself will be dead against to our purpose of being created on this earth. The God’s Word (The Bible as well as other religious texts) very clearly teach us about birth, death and purpose of our life on this earth. We don’t want to live forever for a miserable life. The life (the time span on earth), which the God gave us is more than enough. And that will no doubt be a joyous one. If we seek more, no doubt it would be a horrible and miserable one on this earth. So sad to say, this kind of desire to capture the place of God is not a scientist’s fault. It started at the beginning of creation, Adam and Eve desired to be God but faced the consequences. I am really happy about our Indian scientists' response to the US computer scientist Raymond’s new findings. They bluntly rejected the mere possibility of it. I really appreciate our scientists' vision and stand on this issue.
8 November 2009                                       
Source: The Sunday Indian News Weekly, New Delhi
Picture Credit: http://www.thesundayindian.com 


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